Wanna get a headache ?

Sand-Art by Mikhail Sadovnikov

I can only say: AMAZING!

I have never seen something similar to what Mikhail Sadovnikov does on a Potter’s Wheel and Wet Clay. His Spinning patterns are hypnotising and impressive at the same time. It is just hard to look away from it.

Considering the fast information overload we get nowadays, and the 30 sec. videos artists (like me) set online, to show the world a shortcut or a spool of the hours the artist spend on a piece of art, the videos of Mikhail are way above the average 30 sec.

If you think now, that 4 min – 15 min are long, just try to start watching one of his videos, you will be amazed how fast 4 min can past. You will not get a moment of being bored, because you are going to be overwhelmed about the mosaic patterns of Mikhail Sadovnikovs spinning clay.

Try it out and let me know what you think.







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