My Dublin experience

The two sites of Dublin

Hi how are ya? IMG_6002
Good and you  
Very well tanks
Wats yo name
Maria and yours?
Mi name is Pablo.
Your name is not Pablo I hear and see you’re Irish, what’s your name?
Ok mi name is Paul, I thought yo’re Spanish and would like me more if I’m Spanish too.

First of all iIMG_5958t is quite creative how Irish men flirt. They’re really not scare of rejection. They come straight through you. Secondly, I think he didn’t thought his plan through the end. If I really would have been Spanish I would have started to talk Spanish to him right? 

That’s just one of the funny and crazy things I experienced in the two faced Dublin.

Lots of pubs and restaurant show a social and active side of the city. As soon as the weather is good everybody is on the streets to drink beer. Of course the black Guinness beer. 

And to make the stay really Irish of course I drank it too. BUT you have to drink it right, otherwise it will not taste as good as it really should, according to our bar tender. So when you go to Dublin, ask for advice, how to drink your Guinness beer guinness

Next pub, next drink. 

Baby Guinness! Never heard of it? Me neither. But it tastes awesome. Coffee liqueur and Baylee’s shot. You will love it.

You want more drink advice? Ok last one.

Irish CoffeeThe world famous Irish coffee. Of course you can get it everywhere you want but in Ireland, they take their shit seriously. It is actually more a dessert than a drink. Coffee with Irish rum and cream on top. It is amazing. 

Now, I didn’t only drank in Dublin, if you think that now, but it was a biiiiig part of my 3 days stay.

My business trip was also very interesting in terms of getting to know Google and Facebook a little bit better. I love my job.

At google everything is about getting people into the most awesome working experience. Every floor has a different themed working space. The library,the green garden, and so on. In terms of getting creative, Google is the place to be. Choose your comfort space and be creative.IMG_5976

At Facebook you get more the young dynamic kind of start up feeling.

You want to get creative? There is a room at Facebook where you can create your own shit. Further more Facebook hires every 3 months new artists to paint on the overload of walls they have in the building. The meaning behind? It’s all about connection and team spirit. 

And of course the famous Facebook wall. You visited Facebook? Than write a message to the world. I of course wanted to show the world who I am 🙂

IMG_5982Who would have thought that two of the biggest companies make the biggest effort of employees satisfaction through art and creativity?

My conclusion? Dublin is crazy mind blowing awesome. In every possible way. During the day it is a sweet, small lovely city, but when the night comes it transforms to a pub and people loaded loud city. You want to get some “wtf is going on” moments? Jup, Dublin is the place to be.


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