Project: Arabic Wall

Self-Made Arabic Wall

Last week i got inspired by two recent events/posts.

1. My weekend in Berlin

2. The arabic typography art, I researched about for my latest blogpost.

During my research I felt so inspired and close to the paintings, that I wanted to try myself.

Well everyone who knows arabic is well aware how hard it is to learn and/or write the language.

With the help of a wonderful colleague, which helped me writing the words correctly on arabic, I was able to create my first arabic artwork. The Arabic Wall.

It shall combine the graffiti and arabic art. Symbolizing the beauty of a graffiti and the arabic language. No vandalism will be shown here, just the beauty of a powerful language.

Writing: “I love you” on a wall is timeless, it stays forever, like a lock on a bridge in Paris.

wall with arabic graffitti i love youwall with arabic graffitti i love you

wall with arabic graffitti i love you


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