Street Art

Street Art/ Graffiti Art

Last week I was in Berlin to see for myself the city of colors, of 100 cultures and 1000 faces.

Well, first of all, all the descriptions mentioned above are true, now, the question is, if people like that or not. I, for example, was overwhelmed by the 1000 faces of Berlin. I could not rate the city, to be charming or not. The Kurfürstendamm reminded me of Paris, with the nice old, clean houses and luxury boutiques, the Alexanderplatz looked like Frankfurt. Skyscrapers wherever you look. And than, there is this part of Berlin, that you love or hate. The part where all the graffiti are. Millions of sprayers write their initials on every wall they see. Over 30 sometimes on one wall. There I asked myself: is that looking good, is that art or is it just vandalism?

To mention, not every graffiti is just a fast 5 seconds spray of initials but real art, that took time and effort to create.


Many walls in Berlin are sprayed of street artists that put their life and soul into those massive artworks. It is, like you would walk through a gallery of many artists, only that Berlin is the Galaxy and you don’t have to pay the entrance.

For example if you go to the Berlin Wall (East-Side Galary) you can see on every stone of it a piece of real street art. 

Further more, the city allows street artists on different spots in Berlin the use of graffiti, because many tourists from all around the world come to see them. Also many private parties hire street artists to spray their buildings. 


All in all my feedback of the city and its graffiti work is, that it is one of a kind. You love or hate it. If you want to see it for yourself, there are many free alternative Berlin tours, that will bring you to the most creative, most beautiful graffiti all around the city.

Check it out and rate the city for yourself and tell me, do you love it or don’t?

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