Tribal Art Part II

Tribal Parrot

Since I had so much fun creating the elephant tattoo of last week, I decided to create a tribal art line.

Many beautiful and exotic creatures live in our world. That’s why I want to show you these animals I painted, how I see them. In a creative artistic way. My way.

In my recent journey from Stuttgart to Amsterdam, I started ‘the parrot’ , while passing all the windmills. In the plain I looked down onto the grass fields, structured as they are, within the fascinating landscape of the Dutch agriculture. Once I arrived in Stuttgart, every building I saw gave me other ideas about shapes I could add to the parrots face.

In the end, every other animal of my art line will get an individual touch by the way I interpret the different local surroundings, objects and people. Just by observing everything I see, day by day.

This parrot is made on aquarelle paper (300 grams, 210×207 mm). It’s available as a print out.

You can contact me for pricing and shipping of this particular drawing, or one of my other artworks.

Let the tribal begin!

tribal art parrot mouth tribal art parrot wing tribal parrot faceCopyrights by MCL Artwork


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