What it means to be an artist

Today I would like to talk with you about what it means to be an artist.

Being an artist is not a job or something you become. It is something you are.

You feel the creativity in your body. You want to let it loose, show it to yourself and to the world. Your mind feels like a circus, a machine, that never stops working because the battery is never getting empty. You stay up all night because there is where you are most creative. Your dreams are your source of inspiration, your source of ideas.

Many of your ideas could seem crazy to the “normal” society.  But what is normal? Who decides, what is normal and what grouse?

Being an artist means to be proud of what we create and we stand for it with our name and with all our hearts. We expose ourself to the world. Sometimes, that means showing our weak spots. Because our art always shows something about ourselves. We are human and every human has a pretty and ugly side. Artists that are that brave are not afraid about judgement. Nobody is perfect. Now I don’t want to be religious here but there is a wonderful proverb in the bible that brings my statement here to the point.

“Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

But who is an artist?

You can be an artist in many ways. You can be a painter, a singer, a dancer, a scientist, a writer, a body expressionist, a hairdresser, a clown, the list goes on infinitely.

I would like to show you today 3 videos of 3 different personalities, that had to deal with difficult life-changing situations. They are artists for me, because in accepting themselves and shouting out to the world, they are inspiring millions of people around the world. And that is what it means to be an artist for me.

Now, this article is all about what I think an artist is. I would like to know from you, what it means to be an artist for you? Who inspires you and how do you show yourself and talent?

I am curious about your opinion.



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